Our Story

Our story began when Owner Chris Fox was stationed in Vicenza Italy and his love affair with wine began. After frequenting many wine bars and Vineyards all over Europe, Chris spent many nights speaking to wine bar owners and winery owners learning their passion. After leaving Active Duty and transitioning into the Army Reserves Chris attended Old Dominion University, where he received his degree in Geography and GIS. During his studies, he had been searching for a wine bar that reminded him of Europe. With no luck, the idea was born to create such a space and bring that European wine bar experience and vibe to the population of Hampton Roads. Chris has never worked in a restaurant before after the build-out was nearing completion the realization that he needed a subject matter expert in food and restaurant operations and so the story expanded to add Justin Ramos into the Fox Tail Story.


Justin Ramos grew up in NYC and always had a passion for food. He like Chris was also an Army Engineer and Essayons the motto for the Engineers and a French term for "Let Us Try!" has become an unofficial motto between the two. After leaving the Army Justin became a server before deciding to make the move into the kitchen. Justin draws his passion from watching the excitement on people's faces when they experience his creations. For 6 years Justin had the pleasure of working with some of the world's most renowned chefs in South Florida. Justin continued his food exploration and learning by traveling around the world and staging (French term where you work for free) in some fantastic kitchens and honing his craft. After meeting Chris and seeing his dream Justin knew he was on to something and decided to partner with him in executing the concept within his idea for a wine bar.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Fox Tail Wine Bar is to procure the best ingredients on the planet and use the finest classical techniques with new-age flare to create a spectacular fine dining experience. We source only Fair Trade, Ethically Produced, Organic, and Local in all of our ingredients. All of the above if possible. We do all of our own butchery, pickling, fermentation, and curing. We make all of our sauces from a variety of stocks and only use fresh-pressed juices in all of our cocktails and foods.